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This is By Maya Karin

A scent is a companion for all the moments that matter. It only takes a heartbeat for a simple scent to take us back in time—or to be part of a new milestone to remember.

Maya Karin is no stranger to this. Her lifelong fascination with the power of what scents can invoke within us serves as the inspiration behind By Maya Karin.

Made in collaboration with a team of perfumers from around the world, and lovingly curated by Maya herself, each fragrance from By Maya Karin has its own unique story to tell, waiting to become a part of yours. The By Maya Karin brand is an exploration of the wonders of perfume, and an extension of Maya’s love of expressing herself as an artist.

All three scents harness oud (agarwood), the timeless pillar behind the best of Middle Eastern perfumes. As such, Andika, Laici and Kemboja are rooted in nature, inspired by the elements and created to be experienced.

After all, a treat to the senses is always better when it’s shared.

This is By Maya Karin.

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